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Wedding Packages

Your Story, Shot By Us

We offer many different options for capturing your special event or wedding on video.  Short clips, Trailers, and Full Productions are all options.  We can include multiple camera coverage of your receptions, and the best part is we interview you ahead of time to determine what type of feel you are looking for.  Do you want a dramatic production capturing the best highlights of your wedding?  Or are you more concerned about capturing the ceremony itself?  These are the things we will want to know from you so we can produce something meaningful and fulfilling for you to look back on years from now and remember the emotions and excitement for that special day that changed your life.  We will send you a questionnaire that will help us during the editing process so we know your tastes and musical preferences.  One twist we like to add is recording some voice-over work on our mobile audio recording system to add that personalized touch to our production. 

Digital Camera
Professional Camera Equipment

Highlight Film

3-5 mins, shorter version of short film edited in a similar fashion to movie trailers. Includes some pre-ceremony prep, ceremony highlights, and wedding party poses after wedding.- $800


Short Film

7-10 mins, Some pre-ceremony prep, ceremony highlights, wedding party poses, reception footage and best wedding moments, with captured audio throughout.  - $1,200

News Cameras

Cinematic Production

~Movie style-story through shots and captured audio.  We will put a lot of work into the production edit to include slow motion shots, filters, and effects.  Includes pre-wedding prep, ceremony, wedding party poses, and reception footage.  - $1,500


~A longer production that includes short interviews, voice over stories of pre-wedding moments, pre wedding prep, ceremony, wedding party poses, and wedding reception dual camera footage with the addition of a hand held go-pro loaned to the bride and groom to pass around during the party for some extra-fun footage.  - $1,800

**Add an engagement interview and film with your package for a look back on a personalized audio interview of both before and after your wedding day!**

Holding Hands

Engagement or Elopement Anouncement Video

2-5 Minute short video announcing your engagement or recent elopement.  Who wants to print all those announcements and stuff them in envelopes and send them off in the mail?  This is the age of technology.  Have a professional production made to post on your social media or email to those you want to inform of your coming nuptials.  We will interview you over the phone to come up with a plan and then meet to film your announcement.  Includes Phone interview, 1 hour of filming, and 1 hour of voice-over work.

-Starts at $400

Pre Wedding Boudoir Video Gift

Give an extra special personal gift to your future spouse.  This unique and sexy option is sure to surprise and captivate your partner in a way they won't expect.  Video will be made available before your wedding day so you can deliver it to your partner in your own way.  Enquire for more details.

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